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Related article: Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 23:55:26 -0800 (PST) From: 3Q Subject: After School Special - Chapter 5 (mmttb, ws)We watched them clean each other up, and then Gary lay down next to Tommy. They took some deep breaths and Allen looked at me with a smile. We were enjoying looking at these two, young freshly sexed bodies, just a little high still, and enjoying the smells in the air. Finally, Allen broke the silence, "should we go out to the deck?" Gary sat up, and looked at Tommy, who shrugged his shoulders. Gary pulled Tommy to his feet and we walked out through the living room and kitchen to the back deck. It was late afternoon, and the sun was covering the deck in its warm evening light. Gary and Tommy, both still naked, sat down in a lounge chair together and leaned back, both closing their eyes in the sun. I sat down in a chair, and Allen spoke. "You guys want something to drink?" "Sure," we all answered. Allen disappeared into the house, and we sat for a moment, enjoying the sun. My eyes were closed, as I assumed theirs were too. Then I felt a presence next to me. "You should really take your shirt off, Mr. Davis," said Tommy, much to my surprise. "Here, let me help," and with that, Tommy pulled my t-shirt up, and over my head and arms. "Much better," he said, "doesn't it feel better?" "It does Tommy, thank you." I paused, then asked, "How do you know my name, Tommy?" "Well, let's just say that I have some friends who have talked about you. Some friends that like you almost as much as Allen does." My mind started to work. I started to think of whom it might be. "You look great in the sun, your chest looks great," Tommy said, and he moved up to rub his hand over my chest. I didn't stop him, I just let his hand move over my chest, rubbing through the hair. "Your chest is so soft, mmmmmm," Tommy said, and he moved in a bit closer, his legs straddling my left leg, and he started rubbing his crotch gently along it. His hand continued to rub, and his other hand joined in. He continued to rub his crotch along my leg, and his cock, that had Free Preteen Pics been hanging limply and rubbing along my leg, started to rise. "Mr. Davis," Tommy said, "we're both naked." He continued to rub, practically hump my leg. "Could you get naked too, Mr. Davis?" Without waiting for an answer, Tommy reached down and started to unbutton my shorts. I just sat and watched. Tommy was a well built young man. His body had the soft, small muscles of a young man. His skin was smooth, and I noticed, tan all over. His cock was long and curved. Erect, as it was now, it curved upwards, which right now was towards my face. The single eye winking at me as he humped my leg. Tommy pulled down the zipper, and then pulled the shorts down and off, with a little help from me, lifting my butt up for a second. When he looked up from picking up my shorts and tossing them aside, Tommy looked right at my cock. He looked, and his smile got bigger. "Mr. Davis, your dick is pretty big." "It is, Tommy." "I don't think I've ever had one that big inside me, Mr. Davis." Just then, Allen came back out, with a tray full of glasses of tea. "Well," Allen said, "I see horny, little Tommy Evans has started working his charms on you Hank." I looked at Allen, and smiled. "He's pretty unstoppable," I replied. Tommy had sat down at my feet, and smiled up at Allen. "He's got a really big dick, Allen." Allen lifted his eyebrows, with an impish grin he said, "I know, Tommy, I love how it feels inside me." Tommy turned to me with a puppy dog face, as I took a tea from Allen, and Gary did too. "Mr. Davis, ooh, Mr. Davis," the bad little Tommy said urgently, with his hand raised like a student. "Yes, Tommy," I asked. "Mr. Davis, would you fuck me with your big dick, please, Mr. Davis?" "Maybe later, Tommy," I answered, not sure how things would work out, but pretty sure I would fuck this boy given the chance. Tommy Free Preteen Pics stood up, and turned away from me, then he took a step back, and gracefully bent over at the waist, touching his hands to the deck and looking back at me through his legs. "I'd really like that, Mr. Davis, really I would," he pleaded. I looked over at Allen, who had sat down on a chair next to me and Free Preteen Pics slightly behind, and I noticed that Allen had shed his clothes too. "C'mere Tommy," Gary said, and motioned Tommy back over to his lap. Tommy trotted over and sat on Gary's lap, carefully settling his cheeks on either side of Gary's half hard dick. I looked out over the back yard, and noticed the way the hills and trees defined the yard, making it private. "So I gather you hang out on this deck in your birthday suits a lot?" "Well, Hank," Gary responded, "if you happen by on the right summer afternoon, you never know how many naked boys you might find laying around back here." "It's been known to happen," Allen confirmed, " It is the perfect place." I chuckled, and I thought about how different the youth of this neighborhood was than my own. Except when my father and brother and I went camping, we hardly ever saw skin in my house growing up. We sat and sipped our tea, and closed our eyes in the sun, soaking up the rays, and basking in the warmth. Somewhere near the end of my glass, it was Gary who broke the silence and said, "Tommy, hop up, I have to pee." Tommy did just that, leaping into the air like a spring just released. He reached down and pulled Gary up, and Gary walked over to the deck railing to take a leak. Of course Tommy was only a step behind and just as Gary spread his legs to go, Tommy slid his hands around both of Gary's hips from the back, and asked, "can I hold it for you Gary?" Since he was already practically holding it, and I doubt he thought of saying no, Gary replied, "yeah, Tommy, take a hold of my dick while I piss." Tommy reached around with both hands, and held Gary's dick. He could just see over the taller Gary's shoulder, and Gary flexed his legs as he tried to let loose with somebody else's hands on his member. Just as Gary started to piss, Tommy squeezed off the flow. "Wait, Gary, hold on." And with that, Tommy let go with one hand, and moved around to the front of Gary, and knelt down. He looked up at Gary, and then released the pent up flow from his dick, and said, "OK," as Gary's piss burst forth and started splashing Tommy over his chest. As he directed the flow over his body and face, Tommy's other hand reached down and started wanking his own dick. "Oh Gary, I love it, I love your piss all over me," he directed the flow into his mouth, "and I love the taste of it." Gary continued to piss, and Tommy continued to spray himself and squirt it into his mouth. When Gary finished, Tommy let go of his dick, and started rubbing his hands and the fresh piss all over his body. Gary backed up and sat down on the end of the chair, and Tommy continued to rub his hands all over himself. He was putting on a show, we soon saw, and enjoying the exhibitionism of it all. He rubbed his hands over his chest, over his groin, and alternated stroking his cock with the slippery piss all over him. One hand stopped at his groin, and then he pushed in his lower abdomen with his hand. "I think I have to pee, now," Tommy said, somewhat melodramatically, and stood up to face the railing. Standing at an angle, so we could all see, Tommy started to pee. He arched his stream up higher and higher. Over the railing, and down to the ground. We all watched his show, and then I saw something I did not expect. The deck we were on was about six or eight feet off of the ground, and as Tommy peed over the edge, I saw a younger boy back in to view, facing Tommy, naked, and now covered in the pee that Tommy was firing down onto him. "Oh, Tommy, thank you. Thank you, Tommy, I love your pee," and the boy took the stream into his mouth, and swallowed several big gulps. "Oh, Tommy, thank you." Tommy's stream finally subsided, and I turned my head to look at Allen and Gary. "Mr. Davis, meet William, my brother." The naked, short, slim boy, now glistening with the piss of his brother now made his way up the stairs and to out group. "William, this is Mr. Davis," Tommy introduced. William walked over, with a little slide to his walk, and reached out with his wet hand towards me. "I'm really glad to meet you, Mr. Davis," and he looked down at my dick, hanging plump but not erect over the edge of my chair, "glad to meet you," and his eyes returned to mine. "Do you want some tea, William," my sweet lover of a host inquired. "Yes, please, Allen," William responded as he walked over to a chair, and sat down, crossing his legs somewhat priss-ily at the knee. "Mr. Davis," Tommy continued with his introduction, "this is my brother William. William is eight, and very, very precocious. He has quite a little club he has created, don't you William," he turned to his brother and William smiled a mischievous smile. "William has a select group of friends in the neighborhood and at school," Tommy continued, "who like to play his games." "I'd like to play them with you too, Mr. Davis," William interjected and smiled a smile that I think was supposed to be seductive. "I used to baby sit these two," Gary joined in. "It started out with them taking their baths together, and I would leave them to it. But then the third time I sat for them, they started calling me into the bathroom to bring them this or that. And when I would go in, one would be soaping the other, washing his legs or something while he stood up, but then it they got more bold. I would walk in and Tommy would be rubbing William's soapy butt with both of his hands, rubbing and kneading his cheeks and his crack. Then the next time it was Tommy standing up, and William was stroking his soapy cock. And they both looked at me and smiled. That was a couple of years ago, so Tommy Free Preteen Pics was twelve, and William was, let's see... six, I think." Gary glanced at William, and William nodded. "I said, `should you be doing that boys,' and they both looked at me and William said, `maybe not, Gary, but he really likes it.' And Tommy sort of leaned back, and William continued to stroke him and Tommy moaned. They were very naughty little boys, Mr. Davis." Allen came out with William's tea, and a pitcher to refill the rest of us. They must have had a barrel of that stuff inside somewhere. "That time, Tommy turned to me while his brother was stroking his soapy dick and asked if I would watch them. He said he really wanted me to watch them." "That was about the time when our parents were both working in Braxton, and they wouldn't get home most nights until ten o'clock," Tommy explained. "We got Gary for a babysitter almost every night," William added. "After the first couple of times I watched them, they asked my to take my clothes off while I watched them too. So I would lean against the counter, with my pants and shirt off and watch them play with each other. Sometimes Tommy would rub William's butt and start to slip his fingers inside. William would moan and enjoyed it, but he said that the soap was burning him inside. That's when I introduced them to mineral oil." "Oh my god, Gary," Tommy said, "that was the coolest thing." "They would rub each other all over with the oil, before we even filled the tub. Tommy would get the oil out of the closet, and William would turn on the heater in the bathroom. "By the time we got done, we would be all sweaty and oily, and rubbing each other everywhere," Tommy added in. "Then they convinced me to start doing things too. I was a little worried at first, but they enjoyed it so much, and they looked so sexy rubbing each other with their little hardons throbbing in the air. They would have me rub oil on my chest, and then my cock, and then I started jerking off every time we were in there. I would jerk off while they played and while they bathed. They really enjoyed each other and it was great to watch. "Finally, I stopped holding back, and I would let myself shoot onto the floor between us. Then one time, I came so hard, that it shot across the tile, and into the bathtub onto William. He was surprised, but then he started to rub my cum onto his body. So the next few times William would ask me to move forward, and he would turn towards me, kneeling in front of me, and I would shoot onto him. I'd cover him with my cum, and he started trying to catch a little in his hands, and then in his mouth like it was a game. But then Tommy got jealous when William was rubbing my cum all over his body, and he started to kneel down next to William when I was ready to shoot, and I would try to shoot on both of them." "That was the first time I ever tasted someone else's cum," Tommy explained, "I knew then that I wanted boys cum on me and in my mouth every chance I could get." "And me, too," William chimed in. "So it wasn't long until Tommy started sucking my dick, just licking at first, then taking it in his mouth. He would suck me just until I was about to cum, and then pull off and aim my dick at his face and William's. "Then one day when we started our game, I told them I had to pee first. William stopped me and told me that he and his friend, Emmet, had been playing another game in the woods behind their house. He asked me to pee on him. He explained to me that since he liked having me cum on him so much that, well, you tell him, William." He turned to William, and William continued the story, "I was in the woods with Emmet playing, and Emmet said he had to pee. So I said, `so do I.' And so I stood next to him and watched as he started to pee. We were both looking at each other's dicks when I just knew that I had to get on my knees like we did in the bathtub. So I squatted down, and in front of Emmet. And before he knew it, he was peeing on me. He tried to stop, but I told him to keep going, and he soaked my shirt and my shorts, and got me all wet. After that, whenever Emmet would come over, I would make him drink lots of water, and we would go into the woods and he would pee on me. Sometimes I would put my mouth on his dick and drink it right out of him, but most of the time he would just pee on me, and then we would run around with me in my wet clothes, until I could get him to drink more water and pee again. I even started keeping a change of clothes out in the woods for the times when we didn't have enough time to dry off." I sat listening to these boys talk about their exploration and kinkiness, and I hadn't noticed that my dick had risen to full mast. I didn't notice until William stopped his story and looked down at my dick. The Free Preteen Pics full eleven inches was standing at attention, and William's eyes became locked on it. Tommy followed his gaze, and soon he was staring too. Then without warning, like they were under some spell, both brothers rose up, and walked over to me, still staring at my cock. They knelt down in front of me and brought their faces in close to my throbbing cock. Then they started licking, and swiping their little tongues over my cock, up and down, along the shaft and around the head. It was more ticklish then sexy, but I didn't want to stop them. Then Tommy dropped down and started to nuzzle my nutsack. He started to rub his nose and his tongue around, and lick at my balls with his tongue. Meanwhile, William kept licking at my dick and sucking on the head, the only part he could fit in his mouth. They licked and sucked, and sucked and licked with an increasing pace almost to a frenzy. Then in unison, like a well practiced plan, they both pulled off at once. They both sat back on their haunches, and then Tommy arose. My cock was drooling precum, and throbbing so hard it almost hurt. Then Tommy asked for it. "Mr. Davis, will you fuck me. Would you please, please fuck me, Mr. Davis?" Taken over by lust, and driven by the throbbing leaking, hard eleven inches in front of me, I stood up. I took Tommy's small waist in my hands and moved him over to the back of a chair. I pushed on his back, and bent him over the chair. He bent over, and spread his legs slightly. I started to rub his cheeks with my hands and noticed that his hole was still well greased from his earlier fuck with Gary. "I'm gonna fuck you now, Tommy," I warned him. "Are you sure you can take it," I Free Preteen Pics asked, worried that I would hurt him with my big rod. "I can, Mr. Davis, I can, and I want it Mr. Davis. I've been practicing for a cock like yours for a long time, and I want it in me, Mr. Davis. Please, put it in me, will you please? Fuck me, Mr. Davis, fuck me please." I took ahold of Tommy's hips and I lined up my cock with his hairless, beautiful, pink hole. I teased the rim with the head of my cock and started to slowly, gently enter. I pushed little by little, and stopped every little bit to give Tommy some time to adjust. I wasn't much more than an inch inside of him when, without warning, Tommy stood slightly more upright and took a step back. His sudden motion meant that I didn't have a chance to move, and that my dick, pushing hard at his tight, hot, greasy hole, just popped inside, penetrating the inner ring, and slid half way into Tommy's boy hole. Another step back, while I was still feeling the sensation of plowing into Tommy's tightness, and before I knew it, I was buried, all eleven inches, to the hilt in Tommy Evans' tight boy ass. As it slid in, Tommy let out a whimper and then a high moan and finally a loud, "uuunghh," as my thighs made contact with his buttocks. Tommy reached up and placed a hand on either side of the back of the chair, and started moving back and forth on my cock. He was fucking himself on my cock, and I still hadn't even fully absorbed in my mind what he was doing. But after a couple of seconds more, I was taken over again by that lust, and started to fuck Tommy with all of my long dick. I pushed in and drew it out, and slid it slowly in and back out again. I fucked Tommy long, and slapped against his buttocks every stroke. Tommy continued to utter the "uunghh, uunghh, uunghh," in his high almost girly voice as I fucked his ass good and long. Then it hit me, fast and almost without a chance to react. I took firm hold of Tommy's hips and started to really pound into his ass hard, hard and harder. Fucking him on the approach to my orgasm inside his tight, clenching, working boy ass. I fucked him so hard it almost hurt, and then before I knew it I screamed, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," and I came hard, harder than I remembered ever coming, as this hot, nasty, scheming boy fucked himself back even harder on my big dick and then he screamed too, high like a girl, "aaayyeeeeee," and I saw his cum shoot out, shot after shot, in time with my last thrusts, out onto the wood of the deck. Out motions slowed, and finally, I stopped, with my dick all the way inside him, and reached forward to straighten this boy up, and pressed his back into my chest, holding him to me. I wrapped my arms around his chest and pushed a couple more times, with short thrusts, hard up into this boy's ass. "Oh, my gad, thank you, Mr. Davis. Fuck, thank you. That was so good. Thank you for fucking me Mr. Davis," Tommy said, holding his ass against me for a couple of minutes more. Then he slowly stepped forward, and my cock, wet and covered with boyass juice and my own cum, slipped out of his still tight hole. He turned around and hugged me, looking up to thank me again. I looked down at his pretty, smooth, boyish face, and then he raised up on his toes and kissed me. Not a smack or a peck, but a mouth open, tongue thrusting, wet and nasty kiss that spread the taste of him around on my tongue and gums. He kissed me hard, and then as he pulled away whispered another, "thank you," before he walked back over to Gary and sat down. _____ Disclaimer: Free Preteen Pics It this is illegal in your locale, you shouldn't read it. Bad boy. If it is not illegal to have fantasies where you are, then enjoy (oh, too late). Nothing in this story every happened (at least not exactly like this) so don't worry. Love is as love is, and lust is a baser emotion. If you have positive suggestions or praise, you can email me at I'll try to answer. If you have negative responses, please take a moment to contemplate the mistakes of your existence, then pray to your large toe and ask it if you should really add your shit to my life. I think that I hear it answering you right now - it says n
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